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    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Fishing: /y It's a nice day for it huh

    Well Fishing may or may not be the most frustrating aspect of wow, but in saying that the reasons for going through the pain have increased.

    The new fishing dailies offer some excellent rewards including some great gems and in WOTLK it's a lot easier to level up, although still mind breakingly boring. You no longer have to fly all around the world to find the best place to fish. Simply travel to Howling Fjord (Horde to Vengeance Landing and Alliance to Valgarde), grab all the lures you can and go nuts.

    The gems from your dailies are being sold for 1300+ on my server but that will drop as more people get them.

    Some examples of the Epic Gems;
    Well worth the few hours it takes to get your fishing up and running

    The other aspect of fishing is it offers an additional method of farming your buff foods for raids, and you'll make lots of friends with your Fish Feasts

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