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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    4T8 and Spell Prioritisation

    Well got my 4T8 set last night, although I'm still using Valorous Nightsong Handguards but I will swap that out later :)

    I saw a big jump in Rejuv heals (which is to be expected) from 8-13% to 20-25% but it also required a bit of a shift in my healing style or more specifically my spell prioritisation.

    I dont think that my heals when I'm healing tanks (this is generally my assign) will change that much, I will have an extra tick and also (in theory) a bigger Swiftmend so that will be good for oh crap moments (like Ignis flame jets).

    I'll use Mimiron as an example because this is a real all out, as Matt would say heads up method, and is a real indication of whether you've got your prioritisation right.

    While healing I ask myself these questions in my head while i'm healing for Mimiron we are primarily looking at the right hand side of my little brain chart :)

    In summary where there is raid damage being taken I decide if I'm expecting more damage in the next second or so, if so I get my 'best for the cast time' spell off, being Nourish.

    If I'm not expecting more damage I choose regrowth, it has a slower cast time but does have the bonus of a hot.

    If there is minimal damage or currently no raid damage I will use rejuv across the raid.

    It's worth noting that throughout this process I am hitting Wild Growth whenever it is available and I can afford the use of a GCD :)

    On the other side of the chart, my tank healing, I wont use Wild Growth too much on a boss encounter i either; dont know well enough, or I know is going to be a hard slog on mana (i.e. General).

    On a side note I was promoted to a Sub Officer last night :) was pretty excited about the whole thing :)

    On another side note, just a quick shoutout to Sydera who blog on World of Matticus who I noticed comment on my last post, I was excited to see your name there as I read your blog frequently :)


    1. Delicious flow charts OMNOMNOM!

    2. A flow chart - brb Cold Shower!

      I think my whole brain thinks like that...

    3. haha I tried writing it out but it was getting a little hard, maybe (being a BA) charts are in my blood haha

    4. Nice visualization. That about what I do except I don't use Wild Growth quite as often, but that might be the difference between 25-man and 10-man.

      I see there's no mention of Tranquility on the group healing side. Wouldn't that be a good "oh-crap" button for raid healing? I use it sometimes if I fall behind in group healing on fights like XT or Sapphiron.

    5. Yeah traq is an often forgotten spell, maybe because it's so good, and it's on 10 min cooldown people are hesitant to use it.

      I use it as my catch up spell, it get dirty with same nourish/wg spam doesnt sort it traq will :)

      In regards to WG, each to their own I guess :)

      Especially on Raid heals it can be a big percentage of your overall heals, maybe 40% if used right.

      Remember WG is a "smart heal" meaning it will target those who need it the most (apparently), dont knock it :)

    6. Now I have my 4 set bonus, my rejuv is often 60%+ of my heals on many boss fights :o

    7. If I can post my 2cents here...
      Instead of rejuv...
      Use lifebloom and let it bloom...

    8. BTW...
      Im bad lol, didn't see the "small detail"

    9. Nice article for those new to Ulduar healing!

      I'd like to point out a couple of Flow chart errors.

      Am I tank healing > no > Damage > no > "Rejuv & WG" should read "/Dance"

      You are missing "yes" between Damage & More Incoming

      "Rejuv & WG" should go between the missing "yes" and "More Incoming"