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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    MMOUI - Minion Beta

    Well I have been waiting a long time for this and it has finally happened, the beta of the Wow Interface Addon Updater is here and as big kev would have said "Im Excited"

    I have been following this project for some time now, even prior to the release of the "Premium Curse Client", and it's great to see that not only have they put in the effort (despite preasure) to get it right and ready for beta.

    Just quickly I ended up removing the curse client all together, I can put up with one at a time updates but I found that a lot of my addons were either being reset (reinstalled) or they were being updated with 'odd' results. Some of this may have actually been the addon developers doing something funny but last thing I needed was stuffing around with addons 5 minutes before a raid.

    I'm still at work now but when I get home i'll be installing it and having a look.

    Ill post some more info in the next couple of days :) Have a day off tomorrow so may not do it then haha

    Quick Tips & Warnings
    • This is a BETA for a reason, if you're wanting to a completely flawless addon updater, wait till the final releaseis ready.
    • Backup your Addons/WTF folders (just in case) :D

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