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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    25 Man Ulduar Quick Tips Continued

    This is my Quick Tips Continued :)

    Ignis the Furnace Master

    Prior to the nerfs this fight was pretty tough, we now tank Ignis in the water and the adds are tanked off to the sides and the raid stacks up behind Ignis. The priority here is on speed and timing. We usually have 2 Pally's and myself on the Main Tank spamming, the hits get very hard towards the end (30K each) so be on your toes.

    Make sure you have a RaidDebuff mod (i use a plugin for Grid for this: )

    Primary Abilities
    Scorch - Where we tank him this is not a big problem but just make sure you arent staying in it if the tank looses control of Ignis for some reason.

    Flame Jets - Big Stomp basically, causing a debuff for 2600/sec. Your raid healers should be able to easily get everybody up during the debuff. Be sure to not be interupted as you will be spell locked for 8 seconds. I've been on Tank Heals, and have been saving my Swiftmend for Flame Jets, so when Flame Jet cooldown is getting close I cast (or top up) the Rejuv on the tank, while in the air cast Swiftmend.

    Slag Pot - Have at least 1 dedicated healer who prioritises the Slag Pot victim, with other healers helping out when they can. Important that people in the slag pot help themself too, if you've got heals, health pots or a health stone use them!

    Kologarn is really an awareness fight, be ready to move quickly from Eyebeams. For healers face the door, no need to face the boss at all. We position ourselves one person per square with healers given priority to squares closest the door.

    Primary Abilities
    Stone Grib - Randomly pick up 3 raiders, make sure you have people focussed on keeping them up.

    Focussed Eyebeam - Randomly targets a raider and tried to blow the hell out of them, kite the beam out of the door, try not to run through the raid, and other raiders be sure to move off your square to allow the victim through.

    This is an interesting fight but difficult to explain, once the sentries are down we basically stack on the boss unless the Feral Defender is low, stun it and then move the boss around to avoid the Seeping Feral Essence (Void Zone). Rinse and Repeat 4-5 times depending on your dps. Key is to move prior to the Essence spawning otherwise you will die.

    Keep your hots up on the tank and max heals especially on the pull as all tanks will take big hits from Pounce.

    All about add management, make sure you make the kill order very clear to your dps. Dots should be used carefully as to not kill the adds you dont want killed. Be aware the lashers have no threat table so you ARE going to get hit, they do little damage unless your unlucky (like I was a couple of times) and get 5-6 on you.

    In Phase 2 mushrooms will spawn, it's important to get under them or you will be spell locked.

    Their is a lot going on and no doubt it will take you a few attempts to get this fight right but once you've got it it's easy enough. From a healing point of view, nothing too much to worry about, just stick to your assigns and keep your hots up on the tanks :)

    This is another awareness fight, in a nut shell you should keep moving through as much of the fight as possible as to avoid Biting Cold debuff.

    Avoid Icicles falling and when Freeze is called jump onto the large white circles that formed from the larger falling iceicles. If you're too slow you will need to be freed by your dps.

    You should jump once on the white area as i've heard reports that running in will not always recognise that you are ON the area.

    This is a real prick of a boss, basically two seperate fights where one group will stay in arena and the other will run a gauntlet. I've only healed arena so can only really comment on that, basically a shed load of adds will form, we group up in the middle circle (avoiding chain lightnight from towers) and tanks pick up the adds outside of the circle. My role has been to keep hots up on our 3 tanks, mana can be an issue for rest assured that Phase 2 where Hodir comes down is pretty easy.

    Their will be a lot of adds, if they start coming into the main group then just avoid the big guys, they cast a whirlwind that will clean us healer types up.

    Phase 2 is pretty simple, throughout the fight you will see a chain of lighting coming from the towers to Thorim, move away from the chain as it will explode (wider than the original chain) and kill most people caught in it. The width of the explosion is directly related to the distance thorim is from the tower, so tank him in the middle

    I expect this week to have Mimiron down so will post details when we do :)

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