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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Ulduar 25 Man Quick Tips

    Well I have spent a fair bit of time in Ulduar over the last week and have to say I'm impressed! Bliz has pulled out some tough content and interesting fights.

    I thought I would post some quick tips for people out there;

    Make sure you have your camera zoomed out as far as you can handle, if you havent already run this command in console
    /script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax", 25)
    /script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMaxFactor", 2)
    This will allow you to zoom your camera out a lot further than the default.

    The reason you want this is that you can see the fireballs coming :) If your healing you can cast your big heals (or rejuv + swiftmend) on the people it's hitting to reduce the chances of double fireball deaths. Also selecting Razorscale can assist in working out when he's casting.

    Matticus has posts a great little guide for the fight so I wont rehash perfection :P

    XT-002 Deconstructor
    This one was pretty easy overall from a healing point of view just be aware of LoS if you are healing the bomb debuffs, our melee were running back up the stairs and I asked them to stick to the left hand side of the stair case so I could get to them without following them up.

    Iron Council
    Awareness is the key here I think, I suggest getting a module to show your Range (I suggest RangeDisplay) and set it to show Stormcaller Brundir as it's important to stay 40 yards away.

    I set Brundir as my focus and have RangeDisplay show his range in the middle of my screen.

    Ill post more as we work through the bosses :)

    Other than that it's simple stay out of the crap on the ground and sky stuff :)


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    2. lol ill work on a post today.. maybe a discussion about oUF