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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    G9 and G13 Update

    Well I was just posting a comment about how I use my G9 and G13 on and thought that it may be worthwhile to post a quick update.

    If you haven't already check out my original post:

    I have found that my response time and awareness has increased a lot since using these two gaming tools. I do not go key hunting any longer as my primary 6 key binds are quickly and easily at my fingers, without having to dodge movement keys.

    The use of the thumb stick means that I can be moving and planning my next heal without needing to move my fingers around. The stick has also very quickly become the norm in my play style incorporated with mouse-movement too.

    I am yet to explore the comprehensive macro functionality (one-click-healing) as I personally like the flexibility of changing my healing/spell priorities.

    The only thing I have changed in my mapping since my original post is I have filled in the 2 TBA buttons, 1 with Escape and the other hotkey'ed to my mount macro.

    I think all in all my improved awareness can be put largely down to utilising these two tools. I have also done a lot of work on my UI to present the information I need when I need it but my response time has improved enormously!

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