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    Monday, May 25, 2009

    "Is Tree Form Fun?"

    Well we had a vague question asked of us on the wow forums by Ghostcrawler and I thought I would take the time to quickly give my opinion on the matter; I am a little one sided because I really dont pvp that much so my points are more about making us trees feel special :)
    "This is an open question to the community. Is druid Tree of Life form fun?"
    He goes on to assure us (or torment us depending on how you look at it) that no major changes are on the way for us trees.

    There were quite a few comments and suggestions, for my 2 cents worth the primary issue with Tree form is it's common, boring, ugly appearance. I personally have no problems that I cant dps in form etc but some do :)

    my points as posted on the forums were;
    • Post Death Effects - loved this idea, the concept that people can get a minor heal by standing near our body is pretty cool but doubt that will ever happen
    • Some Old Look - the main thing i dislike about tree form is when running with multiple trees we all look the same.. makes me feel like a social sheep.
    • Skin Customisation - the ability to customise our skins, hang stuff from our branches, have birds living in our limbs etc would be really cool.
    The general feeling from a PVE point of view is that people love the healing style and idea of changing into a form however they would like to pretty themself up and be unique. For all the male troll hunters out their you can still find differences in appearances between them, not so with us poor druids.

    These points really apply to druid in general, bear form, cat form and travel forms too :) I'd pay a stylist some money to give me the latest french branch styles :)


    1. I think Druids have a unique problem with a lack of individuality in all forms. I understand that there are coding issues blah blah blah but there must be some way of adding simple minor customisation - gear, level, experience or even spec based. Blizz did themselves a great disservice when they promised changes to form skins, possibly through glyphs.

      I'd like to see customisation across all classes, races etc through adding dies to gear. I know there is a school of thought that people should be identifiable by their gear as the game is essentially gear dependent. I'd rather people be able to change the colour of their items, or some items, through profession created dies (inscription mats and mats from the profession that produces that level of gear - tailoring, leatherworking or blacksmithing). Imagine the old paladin dungeon set in black or the rogue set in black/pink. Same look with a different colour would be fantastic. This could then be applied to forms for druids instead of to their gear. Blue kitteh of death? White flight form? Same skin with different hues.

    2. inks are a good idea, I look forward to seeing your true hello kitty spirit shining in raids haha

    3. Tunza, I love your idea. I would have pink leaves and hopefully some flowers to decorate my branches!