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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Key Bindings

    It is important to have all of your "go-to" spells close so you dont need to look at your keyboard frequently (or at all hopefully)

    I have other bindings but these are my main ones, however before I go into that I also recommend that you do the following:
    1. Bind the Left/Right Strafe to your A/D keys respectively (this means you no longer have a turn left/right button)
    2. Learn to use your mouse for quicker turning. I think I read somewhere that you can turn 3 times using your mouse in the time it takes to turn with the keyboard!
    This now opens up Q and E for important spells.

    My Bindings are as follows:
    • 1: Nourish
    • 2: Emergency Heal Macro (NS + HT see below)
    • 3: Regrowth Macro
    • 4: Tranquility
    • Mouse Wheel Up: LB/Rejuv Macro
    • Mouse Wheel Down: Swiftmend Macro (emergency heal)
    • Q: Lifebloom Topup
    • E: Wild Growth
    • Z: Abolish Poision Macro
    • X: Remove Curse
    • ALT+Z: Innervate (for someone else, I also have F12 mapped to Innervate myself quickly)
    • ALT+X: Cyclone
    I also have the following keys bound
    • F1: Health Pot
    • F2: Mana Pot
    • F3: Bandage (self by default)
    • F4: Health Stone
    I have found that I havent needed much more than that although I do use "7" through to "=" for offensive spells (some fights mean we need to do this too but mainly for dailies etc)

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