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    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    Tranq & Wild Growth: Often Forgotten and Misunderstood

    A comment on my prioritisation post made me think that perhaps this was a worthwhile topic for a full post :)

    Lets start with Tranquility, this is clearly the spell that is often forgotten. I think that many druid are a little reluctant to hit that button, it's such a great spell and it does have that 10 minute cooldown.

    Firstly 10 minutes really isn't that long, if you progressing through Ulduar this basically means you can use it every 2 attempts (not taking into consideration trash). I guess a simple way to look at this is if you go more than 2 bosses without using it then your not getting much out of it :)

    Secondly I personally use tranq as a catch up spell, it is a great spell, can be a little mana hungry but is a great way to catch up on heals if your raid is taking a lot of damage or you happen to be down a healer or two.

    Wild Growth on the otherhand has quickly made its way into the basic play style of many resto druids.

    Fact is that Wild Growth is considered a "smart spell", meaning it should target those who are in the greatest need of your heals. Even post nerf (intro of our cooldown), it is a powerful raid heal which has the potential to take up a large percentage of your heal stats.

    Their are still some druids out their not using the spell to its full potential and I recommend you have a play with it.

    Also it should really be even more powerful in 10man content as your healing half the raid!


    1. I actually went out on a limb and put points into improved tranq in one of my two resto specs. Having it on a 4 minute cool down makes me use it a lot more. I don't feel like I need to save it for 'just the right moment'.

      I of course use WG almost every 6 sec.

    2. My problem with Tranquility is that when you're channeling it, other people aren't getting your heals.

      I've had times where my party is taken care of once I hit it, but three other DPSers from other groups die, because I'm not helping them out. It makes me reluctant to use it and have it eat up 8 GCDs.

      It's good to see you writing about it though, because too often it IS forgotten. If I've got everyone else hotted up as best I can, I really should try to use it more! I could definitely get some use out of this in Hodir...

      As for Wild Growth, it's pretty much my go-to heal in Ulduar. There's just so much raid damage, it would be silly not to use it. Although I do tend to grumble at the DPSers who are spread out too much, when they COULD be grouped up. *grumblegrumble*

    3. Tranquility is useful on XT-002's tantrums, especially if your party got clipped by some misplaced light bombs and you're working on hardmode (+40% damage). Of course, those not in your party are just out of luck, and you can usually only throw this once during the fight, talents or not!

      Tranquility use also requires a carefully balanced group setup, where ranged and melee are put in their own parties, rather than just sorted by the time they accepted the raid invite.