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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    G9 & G13 Review and Mappings

    Well I got my G9 Gaming Mouse and G13 Advanced Gameboard. Im am bloody happy at the moment :)

    just a bit of a learning curve for my game play but that's cool :)

    G9 Gaming Mouse,en

    For me the cool stuff with this mouse include the additional buttons that can be clicked by my thumb (I was previously using a 2 button + wheel mouse) and the ability to on the fly.

    Wheel Mouse Up

    Wheel Mouse Down

    Thumb Button 1

    Thumb Button 2

    G13 Advanced Gameboard,en&|819||hp&creative=12137|G13

    This is probably the single biggest change in my gameplay since I stopped click-casting. It is great fun.

    First off I decided to not go for a traditional WASD mapping for my movement keys, instead utilising the stick for my movement, combined with mouse movements.

    Now to my mappings :| this may take a while haha

    My fingers primarily sit on G10-12 and primarily move to G3-5 for my oh crap buttons.
    G15-19 are for my wicked dps spells haha

    In summary both devices are true to their 'Gaming' names and I believe are great pieces of equipement. I hope that by removing the need to use 4 keys for movement my reaction time to get important heals out should improve.

    I am sure their are plenty of other similar products out there... in saying that I'm excited by these ones and happy with my choice!

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    1. Hello there.

      That looks like a very cool piece of equipment.

      Do you have bindings for keys using the modifiers?

      And now that you have almost 2 months to play with your new toys, do you feel it improved your gameplay?