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    Monday, February 23, 2009

    Weekend of Wow! 8|

    Well my girlfriend is away at the moment so I basically had a weekend of wow, was good actually but I'm bloody tired haha

    got to see my first 25 mans with my hunter (VoA and Naxx) and got a couple of upgrades. Did better on DPS than expected (over 2k) and also got some upgrades done.

    I was having a lot of connection issues during Naxx though (and so were some of the other guys/gals) which was a pain

    I respecced BM because I prefer that type of playing style and I did get some upgrades crafted (although my dps has dropped a bit which is strange) so Ill be looking at my stats this week to see where I'm going wrong (maybe not enough hit)


    1. I'll check your armoury - I'll be gentle, I promise ;)

    2. haha no point being gentle... just do it quick and hard :P

      Having a look myself I'm missing some chants (head/shoulder/ring etc) and will upgrade a couple more. I may move from AP chants to Agility where I can and I think I need another 80 or so Hit (are my calcs on the money)?

    3. Checked your armoury and I died a little inside (sorry - it was painful :( ).

      Your hit is around 5.5% which is 2.5% below the cap. Hit (up to the cap) is the most valuable stat for hunters. I'd suggest grabbing 3/3 Careful Aim in the first tier of the MM tree as an absolute must before you do anything. You could then whittle down the extra 0.5% by switching chants, gems gear etc. As your hit increases you can then drop points from Careful Aim and use elsewhere.

      Pro Tip: Careful Aim doesn't add hit to your pet so you're better off getting the full 8% from gear as a BM hunter.

      You're also using a level 70 bow - this is hurting you by 5-10% DPS compared to the epic ranged items in LK. As soon as I hit 80 I bid on a Nessingwary 3000 rifle - massive upgrade at the time - then waited patiently for a few weeks for a bow to drop. There's a pretty sweet bow in H-UK (or is it H-UP?) that would be ideal.

      If you're staying BM stick to AP gems - Agi are better for Survival.

    4. ok i had done this prior to reading your comments
      how does that look?

      ill start getting my dailies done again and get my gold back up

    5. p.s. maybe if i charge you 1g for each crappy response in the guild forums I could afford the gun haha

    6. jokes aside btw thanks for having a look for me :)