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    Monday, February 16, 2009

    Grid: Configuration

    This is my configuration for Grid, I have now posted an example of my grid (btw I changed the druid class color to bright yellow to see better).

    Modules Include:
    • Grid
    • Grid_QuickHealth
    • GridIndicatorCornerIcons
    • GridIndicatorCornerText
    • GridoRA2Layouts
    • GridManabars
    • GridSwiftmend
    • GridStatusLifebloom
    • GridUnitMenu
    Frame > Border
    Incoming Heals
    Low HP Warning
    Low Mana Warning
    Offline Warning
    Unit Health
    Unit Name
    Your Target

    Frame > Healing Bar
    Incoming Heals
    Low HP Warning

    Frame > Center Text
    Unit Name

    Frame > Center Text 2
    Death Warning
    Debuff: Ghost
    Feign Death Warning
    Health Deficit
    Incoming Heals
    Low HP Warning
    Offline Warning

    Frame > Center Icon
    Ready Check

    Frame > Top Left Corner
    Aggro Alert

    Frame > Top Right Corner
    Debuff Type: Curse
    Debuff Type: Posion

    Frame > Bottom Left Corner
    Buff: My Rejuvination

    Frame > Bottom Right Corner
    Buff: My Lifebloom

    Frame > Bottom Right Corner
    Buff: My Lifebloom

    Frame > Advanced
    Enable Center Text 2 indicator - Yes
    Icon Border Size = 1
    Icon Size = 7
    Corner Size = 8
    Font = Bazooka
    Font Size = 9
    Frame Height = 35
    Frame Texture = Gradient
    Frame Width = 40
    Orientation of Frame = HORIZONTAL
    Orientation of Text = VERTICAL

    Frame > Advanced > Mana Bar
    Side > Bottom
    Size > 25

    Frame > Advanced > Icon (Corners)
    all Icon Size = 10
    Size > 25


    1. Hey that looks nice, would it be possible to grab the lua file of you? Tried setting up Grid so many times, having to many options is sometimes worse than having none ;)

    2. Oops, forgot to put in my mail ofc.

      Qwaint [at] gmail {dot] [com]