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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Current User Interface & Modules

    This is my old User Interface, see my new one here

    Modules from the top down;
    • FuBar - Gives the bar up the top with various details, some of the addons I have for this include XP, Money, Friends, Guild etc etc
    • SatrinaBuffFrame - Allows you to move and customise the Buff Frame.
    • HotCandy - I think is a real essential for a HoT based class like druids, will track your LB stacks etc
    • Grid - I use grid although HealBot is supposed to be good as well. I added a couple of Grid addons to place corner warnings for stacks etc too and invert the colors! Makes it so much easier to see who needs heals I think
    • Decursive - great for single click (left or right) decursing/cure poison.
    • PitBull Unit Frames - allows you to customise the Unit Frames etc
    • RangeDisplay - displays the range of your target
    • Dominos with ButtonFacade - Dominos is an action bar addon while ButtonFacade makes them look purty
    • Minimalist - does a few things like hiding chat rubbish and buttons etc but also automates a few painful things like repairs and selling grey items.
    • Minimap Button Frame - this mod is cool, it grabs all the icons around your map and puts them into a frame that you can move around.
    • Autobar - is a great dynamic bar mod that will give you all you need. Very neat!
    • Omen - Threat Meter, not as important for healers (if you know what your doing) but still good to have.
    • Chinchilla - Map movement/customisation
    • Recount - Damage/Healing Meters, some guilds ban these because people tend to try to top the list so use this with smarts, fact it's a great tool for breaking down your performance and comparing it to others but nobody cares too much about being up the top of the list as long as your assigns dont die!!
    • Skinner - This is what makes it all look nice really and added the black bar across the bottom.
    Other modules that arent visible but still very useful.
    • Deadly Boss Mods - must have for raiding, timers and notices etc
    • oRA2 - A CT_RaidAssist alternative, another requirements for raiding in most guilds
    • QuestHelper - this is great for leveling but I recommend turning this off while raiding, can be resource hungry and cause performance issues.
    • Postal - replaces and enhances the wow mail system, much better
    • WIM - adds a nice chat interface for whispers similar to MSN
    • ArkInventory - consolidates bags and also allows viewing all yours toons at the same time.
    • Cartographer - world map replacement

    1 comment:

    1. Nice clean UI G - but mention Healbot one more time and I'll assplode! (it might chain to PC as well - Brisbane and Sydney wiped out in a single blow ;) ).

      Have you played with Pitbull much? I'm trialling it atm and it seems highly customisable but a little clumsy to set up.