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    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Cool Mod: SLDataText

    I found this module last night and have to say i'm impressed. Basically this provides text elements for commonly used stats.

    Current plugins include:
    - Clock (Local & Server time display options)
    - Calendar (displays date, tooltip invite info)
    - Memory (with "Top 10 Addons" memory usage tooltip)
    - Framerate
    - Latency
    - Experience Points
    - Bag Space
    - Gold (with server accounting tooltip)
    - Guild List (with interactive list tooltip)
    - Friend List (with interactive list tooltip)
    - Tracking (with Text or Icon display)
    - Durability
    - Mail (with "From" info tooltip)
    - Statline (3 stat display selection) New!
    - ZoneText
    - Coords

    I have now ditched Fubar as this does everything that I need it to do.

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