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    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    Resto Buff Foods: Dont Let The Team Down

    I thought I would write up about some of my buff foods of choice, as you get into 25 mans etc you will be asked to ensure you have LK Buff Foods (none of that BC crap) and potentially with 40 stam as a minimum.

    Now I'm a lazy bastard when it comes to fishing (i like RL fishing) and have only gotten to 260 or so (really should finish this off at some point) so I have picked 2 foods that are easily achieved by farming RED MEAT!

    It is essential that you do your Cooking Dailies to get your Dalaran Cooking Tokens and Northrend Spices but they build up real quick and once you have bought the recipies that you and your guildies need you can buy 10 spices for a token.

    On a side note I have been selling my spices too for 35g+ per 10 stack so can be a good gold maker as well.

    Mighty Rhino Dogs
    great as you a upgrading your gear as it gives that mp5 that may be an issue.
    Farm Them Rhinos: Borean Tunda

    Tender Shoveltusk Steak
    this is my food of choice the SP is a nice boost
    Farm Them Shoveltucks: Howling Ford

    This is probably a good choice once I level fishing as well
    Havent farmed these yet so look up at wowhead


    1. Food buffs - seems to be the emo topic du jour.

      What fish do you guys use for healing food buffs? I hear Pigmy Suckerfish are important for flasks. Any chance you need worm meat - I have stacks wasting my bank space :)

    2. Yeah thats what prompted my post, not only fishing buff foods will do the job :)

      Suckerfish are used in Flask of Pure Mojo (mp5 flask), I think Worms are more for Tanking/DPS foods. :)

      Thanks for your comment btw Tunza