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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    What Is Upyursh You Ask??

    Upyursh is a toon that I play on World of Warcraft. Upyursh is a Resto Druid (healer) that I have been leveling\gearing up for a few months now along with a couple of other toons that I play.

    Why A Druid?
    I chose a druid because they are a flexible class, for example I can play a Tank, DPS or Healer

    Why Resto?
    I decided to go Resto because of a need in my guild (Bizarro) and also I hadnt levelled a healer.

    So over the next few weeks I will give you a few different posts around grinding gear upgrades, posting useful druid macros, modules, user interfaces etc etc

    Stay Tuned!

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