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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    The Gear Grind

    While you are leveling your Druid you will probably be DPS spec, I went for Feral, and while grinding I picked up any Healing Gear that was an upgrade for me, this probably meant that leveling was a bit slow but it meant that I could potentially heal some normal 5 mans along the way.

    Once I hit 80 I used the following page on wowhead to assist me in planning my gear.;gm=4;gb=1;wt=61:123:24:23:96:103;wtv=100:53:48:28:14:12

    I went one step further and converted all of this into a excel spreadsheet so that while doing an instance I could quickly view what potential gear I should be rolling on or using my DKP for, but the site is a great start.

    I worked my way up from doing a series of normal 5 mans and getting the odd 10 man invite if I was lucky, to running regular heroics and now 10/25 mans when I can :)

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