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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    3.1 /sigh

    well 3.1 hit, i updated all my mods, removed a couple that were causing issues, went to my local trainer and paid my 1000g for Duel Spec and then HIT ULDUAR!

    1 shotted the first boss without too much drama (could see the lead up to the boss being boring after a while)

    Then on our 2nd attempt on Razorscale and the server shutdown :(

    On a plus I did note the following:
    1. I managed to get myself 72 talent points (part of the reason for shutdown I'm sure)
    2. Mana wasn't a massive issue for me so far so thats good news, I was keeping my LB up on a single tank without major concerns, will try for 2 tanks and see how that goes haha

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