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    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Preparing for 3.1

    Well 3.1 is finally here, I suggest you do the following:
    1. Backup your Interface and WTF folders tonight (zip them up or something).
    2. Run the BackgroundDownloader.exe from your wow folder tonight - this will download the patch, it's 700mb so if your expecting to jump straight into a raid tomorrow night (as my guild is) you'll need the patch down before you turn on your comp when you get home
    3. Update your addons - do one tonight and then just before your raid starts up
    4. Disable any modules not essential for your raiding (especially if they havent been updated). Luckily the majority of my mods are 3.1 ready :D
    I'm really keen to see how the "Lifebloom Nerf of 2009" and the "Mana Nerf of 2009" really affects my gameplay. Again the mana one shouldnt have a BIG impact on me as I dont do the ooc5sr dance too often, but the Lifebloom changes (I said nerf above but it's not REALLY a nerf but a change to how it should be used) may affect me more. Time will tell!

    Bring on Dual Specs!!!

    Have a good night off. "Family Night" as some may say haha

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