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    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    To 4P or not to 4P.. that is the question

    Well last night I finally picked up my 4P item, so I now have Shoulder, Chest, Hands and Legs. I really wanted to get Head as it's better than my current head item... but I'll try work on that later :)

    Basically this post is about when it's worth using the teir gear for the 4p bonus and when is it not. I have Spaulders of Catatonia which are best in slot, so it got me thinking about when it's worth not using the tier gear for 4P bonus.

    I think my plan will be that while Tank Healing I will equip the tier gear for 4p bonus for the boost to nourish. As you may or may not know the 4p bonus for resto druids is a 5% bonus to healing done by nourish per hot up on the target. Now obviously on a fight like patchwerk a druid is usually rolling, Lifebloom, Rejuvination and Regrowth and hit Wild Growth when it's off cool down on the tank(s) (i dont think WG counts as a hot for these purposes but I could be wrong). So thats at least a 15% increase to the healing done by Nourish, sounds sweet right.

    Now when I'm raid healing I do not have many hots on ALL the raid so the bonus will not be of much use at all. Without hots the bonus does not come into affect so I will most probably switch out the Shoulder for the better non-tier Spaulders of Catatonia. I will also look for a replacement piece for one of my other slots as 2 is as good as 3 with the bonuses, but only if I can get my hands on another item better than the tier gear.


    1. "I really wanted to get Head"


      Lucky you with your useful 4P bonus. Check out the hunter 4P some time and you'll find that our choice is easy. Good news is that our 4P bonus for T8 is pretty secsi.

    2. LOL.. a case of "maybe I should have read that back" u think haha

      4P bonus for T8 has given me a 3 week stiffy tbh