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    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Progression... I like it

    Well last night I got my first look at Ulduar and ill talk about that a little later, this post is really about progression.

    A bit of background, I signed up for wow well into BC so missed the majority of progression. I was also a Non-Raider well into the LK expansion due to work and family commitments, so I missed a lot of the first kills (although I managed to get in for KT and Maly first kills - lucky me) but the strats had been worked on prior to this. It has only been since my partner started studying at uni that my schedule opened up enough to allow me to put my hand up for a raiding spot, I refused to put my hand up if I couldnt commit 100%. So I am now a raider which is great! :)

    Soooo all that means that this is my first true progression content, the first time i'm looking at never before seen content with a group of people, the first time working through failed strats and dying to the max.

    I have to say it's refreshing, to be honest with you all, I have been feeling a little bored with wow in the last few weeks, a couple of things kept me going;
    1. was the promise of the above :)
    2. was getting my toon to a level where I could give the above a good shot
    3. was helping out a friend with managing her guild (where my alt sit)
    Ulduar has re-energised me I think, not so much because it's bloody hard (and it is at the moment while we are working on our strats), but because I'm a part of this with a group of people I have spent a fair bit of time with over the last couple of years.

    So for those people who are going to give Ulduar a crack some quick tips which should be obvious if you're in a guild who is able to get through some of this content
    1. Bring Shed Loads of Buff Food - you'll be dying consistantly until all the strats are out, I'll be farming whenever I'm not raiding but you may be able to just buy it
    2. Bring your Flasks - you'll be dying consistantly until all the strats are out so flasks will end up being much cheaper AND with the changes they should be cheaper
    3. Bring your Reagents - they cost sfa and especially in 10man content you may be the only person of a particular class
    4. Bring your Patience - people will stuff up, you will wipe, people will say "what the hell was that" alot!
    5. Bring your Sence of Humor - have a laugh when you do something nub but make sure you dont do it again haha
    6. Have Fun - if you not having fun the time to /quit this stuff is great stuff so enjoy it

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    1. Ain't it great to be fighting mobs and not damage meters again?

      The return to progression mode is a joy for me - and I'm not new to the scene like our young sapling here. Being challenged strategically as well as being challenged in your execution is what really separates the good players from the masses.

      Striving to progress and ultimately achieving is more satisfying than any rep/gear grind. How many people remember best in slot drops compared to first kills or good old Bizarro 1% wipes?

      Welcome to the challenge Upyursh. It's gonna be a sweet ride.