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    Friday, June 5, 2009

    DKP & being Master Looting

    Well I have recently started to assist on raid nights with Healing Assigns as well as being Master Looter when needed.

    I thought I would outline how I manage this and person this could assist others with their own ML responsibilities. My priority when implementing these mods and processes was to avoid alt-tabs as much as possible. As it stands I do not need to check websites/spreadsheets or anything else like that.

    A bit of background; I have done a fair bit of web dev work in the past, primarily dealing with php/mysql etc so some of these things may not be achieveable for others but if you need some advice I'm happy to help :)

    Our guild website uses bbdkp and I have made a few mods for this as well;
    • DKP Export - I have built a function that will export the current DKP table into a lua file that can be picked up by the WebDKP Addon.
    • WebDKP Import - I have also built a WebDKP Import admin module that picked up the WebDKP Addon lua (that includes who got what item for what cost etc) and loads in all the items against the selected raid.
    Non DKP Mods
    • Raid Signups - I have built a customised Raid Planning addon for phpbb that allows creation/management of signups. User notices when they haven't signed. Raid Planning from admin panel and export of the planned raid into a lua file that can then be picked up by phpRaidViewer
    • Registration Changes - I have made the site only allow registrations for those people who exist in the blizz armory. This means I dont need to manage access to strictly because if your a guild member you can see all forums (with the exception of officer forums etc)
    Ok back to what the post was really about :) When I'm Master Looter I do the following (it's important to note that we use a DKP Halves system);
    • Prior to a raid I download the latest DKP table and overwrite my WebDKP.lua in my SaveVariables folder
    • When a looting round commences I load my WebDKP > DKP Table (please note I have not yet looked at the bidding system)
    • use /rw to call for psts when somebody whispers me to advise they are interested I click their name on the DKP table (highlighted in blue below). I then make sure that I'm sorting by DKP and the highest selected player wins the item. I do a quick calculation to work out the cost being half their current DKP total and then award the item to them (using the standard ML functions - right click on item - select toon)
    • WebDKP then will prompt me with a dialogue for the awarded item to provide a dkp cost, I enter the amount and hit OK
    At the end of the night all loot has been recorded with their costs in the WebDKP.lua file. I go to our forums and because we want to add the nights DKP to the total after the purchases (i.e. If I start on 100 DKP and get 1 item my DKP should be 50 at the end of the raid, then I get awarder 30 DKP for the night so new total is 80) I do the following:
    • Create Raid and only add a Non-Raider to the list
    • Click Import WebDKP, select the raid (that was added derrrr), copy in the entire contents of the WebDKP.lua file and hit Import.
    • Edit the Raid and add the attendees, making sure you remove the Non-Raider from the list

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