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    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Addon Review: ForteXorcist

    I really like the idea of this addon, I was previously looking for a way to show me which spells where available and not on cooldown; Wild Growth, Swiftmend etc.

    I found ForteXorcist over the weekend and the idea is great, the mod looks great and it does what it says it does :)

    I however ended up removing it for a couple of reasons;
    1. The icons group up and it makes it difficult to see when they are all coming off cooldown at a similar time
    2. The spell timer didnt seem to play nicely with stacks of lifebloom etc (jumping from 1 to 3 to 1 all the time)
    3. It didnt really meet my core requirement in that I am wanting to clearly see what spells I have ready to cast.
    All in all the module seems like a well designed one, it does what it is supposed to do well however it's not for me.

    I've gone back to having my bar of spells above my grid (nice and small) where I can see if a spell is up or if it is on cooldown (and how long till it's up).

    What I really want is a mod that will present my spells effectively hiding spells that are not available.

    Any ideas?


    1. Give TellMeWhen a go. It's highly customisable and should be what you're after.

    2. I use CooldownButtons right now (couldn't paste the link for some reason but it's on wowinterface) it makes an icon for any spell on cooldown, essentially doing the same thing as you currently do but takes away the spell if it isnt' on CD. I use it in combination with OmniCC which puts the time remaining in a numberical form on the buttons. Another addon i've used and loved for managing CDs is Cooldown Timers 3. Similar to CooldownButtons but uses bars instead. Good luck

    3. Hey sem, what you up to these days?

      I'll have a look at these mods but I may just be used to what I've got now haha

    4. honestly i really like your system. Looked at a screenshot of your ui one time and that's when i moved my cooldown buttons to display right above my healing basicaly it's exactly like yours except icons disappear when spells aren't on CD