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    Monday, June 29, 2009

    What Achievements Made you Crazy?

    Well last week I was travelling and my work laptop just couldnt handle dal let alone raiding so what else is their to do? Those annoying achievements that take you all over the world haha

    Well with Midsummer I decided to do;
    While I was at it I thought why not go for, World Explorer

    I unfortunately became slightly obsessed with finishing it, I managed to get over half done while I was travelling but figured I NEED to finish these so spent a fair bit of time over the weekend.

    Now I have a new title (i'll probably never use haha) but I can sleep again haha

    So my question is what achievements have you gone mad over and needed to finish?

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    1. I think so far the only achievement that I've gone crazy over trying to finish was Ambassador. Once I got 3 to exalted, I pushed myself hard to finish up the last 2.

      My current obsession is with Loremaster though... I've been practically dreaming about being consumed by quests.