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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Mawson Lakes - South Australia: internet makes me cry a little inside

    Well I've been having a few issues with my internet lately and thought I'd have a whinge! I live in Mawson Lakes, South Australia ... the "technology hub" of Adelaide (apparantely). For those who dont know Mawson Lakes is a relatively new area in Adelaide, is organised by Delfin and for most parts is a great place to live.

    That is however until your trying to get reliable high speed internet access, you see in the infinite wisdom of the company in charge of setting up the original infrastructure (telsta) they chose to go the easy road and installed old technology and RIMS instead of a genuine exchange with quality lines to the various "areas" of mawson lakes. Instead they created a fibre connection from an exchange several kilometers away and then installed RIMS around the place to provide phone lines and internet access.

    The problem with this is that RIMS do not handle higher speeds of ADSL such as ADSL2+. I went from an old area (Prospect) with ADSL2+ at 21mbmps to an area I could get an unreliable ADSL connection. The best I can currently get is a 512k connection which SHOULD be fine, but it seems to me that on busy nights the net comes to a grinding halt causing sever latency in game and occasional disconnections from the server.

    The more questions you ask about how are they going to solve this the less response you seem to get from them, it's becoming something that annoys me all day haha


    1. Telstra suck, to put it bluntly. I don't think I know many people who haven't had issues with them, and I had MAJOR infrastructure issues with them. All I can say is /hug, and I hope it gets better

    2. thanks for the /hug makes me feel slightly better haha I am thinking of starting an online petition, see how i go

    3. Hi Chris, I'm looking to move to Mawson Lakes and have heard similar stories about broadband in Mawson Lakes. Do you know of a site which shows the areas in Mawson Lakes that are safe for broadband and those that are not?